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2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke - MPT Email Custom Tunes for SCT

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2003-2007 6.0 Powerstroke - MPT Email Custom Tunes for SCT
Part #: MPT-6.0Tune[2003-2007]
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2003-2007 6.0 Diesel Custom Tunes by MPT for SCT Programmers
If you already have an SCT programmer then you are only missing one thing...
Custom Tunes from MPT Performance.

An Email Custom Tune from MPT is definitely one of the best modifications you can make to your diesel.

Created exactly to your specifications; want more Torque for that fast launch off the line and the HP to keep it going, want less turbo lag, better and firmer shifts, no problem. Want a Custom Tune to maximize Fuel Economy, we can do that too.

High Performance Tunes, EGR Delete, Economy Tunes, Towing Tunes, Tire Size Change, Axle Ratio Change. Check out the Diesel Tunes overview listed below for more info.

How It Works:
Step 1: Choose how many tunes you want, add to cart and process your payment.

Step 2: Fill out the Custom Tune form to claim your tunes.

Step 3: Your tunes will be built to your specs and emailed to you with instructions on how to load them.

It's that easy. Any questions, just ask.
Diesel Tunes Overview: (See tune form for more info)
For each tune you will choose the Engine setting, Trans setting, and Misc settings. Here is a breakdown to help you choose which tunes you would like:

Engine Settings:
Bazooka: is all out performance, hold on tight. Faster Turbo Spool, More Boost, Good Times.
Bazooka Race: Adds power to the Bazooka tune, not recommended for stock Head Studs.
PerfEcon: personal favorite, performance and economy hybrid. Drive easy and get great mileage, mash it and go.
Towing Plus: Towing tune plus a little extra power. Should not be used on loads above 5k.
Towing: General Towing tune. Good for most all loads except extremely heavy.
Trans Only: Should be used for very heavy loads 18k+.

Trans Settings:
Street: will be decently firm, lock the converter earlier than stock but not crazy early.
Chill: slightly firmer than stock shifts. Almost stock converter settings but still a little better than stock.
Stock: nothing trans related changed from factory settings.

Misc Settings:
Cold Start High Idle: Idle will be set higher at cold start if applicable on your truck.
EGR Delete: EGR function will be disabled in tune and Check Engine Light issue will be resolved.
Engine Brake: Engine braking aka Turbo brake aka Jake brake.

What can I say about MPT other than "AWESOME".The best price on their tuners and the service after the sale is "PHENOMINAL".Mike has been the most patient guy, this being my first tuner I had a lot of questions. He was right there to answer all of them and assist in everything from installing the software on my computer to the tunes themselves. I could not be happier...I have told all my diesel friends about MPT and when I need another tuner or more tunes I will be back...Big Thanks to Mike.
Reviewed by: from Florida. on 12/20/2011
Rating wish I would have bought the tuner sooner
I tried the HOT tune, a bit hot for me, I think I''''ll stick with the perfecono tune, unless I just want to blow someone away. Now that the weather is warmer I''''m getting 15 mpg back and forth to work, not bad for an 8k dully. I finally got my trailer out of the shop and took it on a trip and got 10.5 mpg, that''''s the same that I got with my old trailer that was 5k lighter and 1 foot shorter in height. Makes me wish I would have bought the tuner sooner. The first time I pulled my new trailer I only got between 8 and 9 mpg. That''''s a nice increase. The up shifting and down shifting are perfect, the EGT never got above 850 (750 most of the time) and I drove between 60 and 65mph.I can''''t say enough about the good customer service and great tunes from MPT. Mike is quick to respond to any questions and will work with you until the tune is perfect. I''''m getting better throttle response, more power and better fuel economy. My truck and trailer weigh 23k, I was getting 8 to 9mpg, now I''''m getting 10.5. Braking is no longer an attention getter with the Jake Brake option, the turbo does all the work reducing brake wear. And with the PerfEcon tune I''''m getting 15mpg in stop and go traffic without my trailer, not bad for an 8k dully. Thanks again, Lonnie
Reviewed by: from . on 2/3/2011
Rating Even with just running the economy tune the power level is night and day
2006 F250 CC 4x4. I ran it for a week without any programming on it and averaged 14.2 miles per gallon and didn''''t have the power to get out of it''''s own way. I installed the tunes you sent me into my SCT TSX I bought from you and set the truck up with the economy tune. I am glad to say that I am averaging 18.1 miles per gallon right now with it. Even with just running the economy tune the power level is night and day. The truck shifts firm but the transition is smooth with zero slippage. I also do not see any smoke when I get on it with this tune. This is great for the in town red light to red light driving. People get upset when you fill the inside of their car with diesel soot. I just wanted to say thanks again Mike, I listed MPT and your name in my mod section on the forum and I openly promote you to anyone that asks. Let me know when you get upgraded tunes, I am always looking for that edge.
Reviewed by: from . on 9/27/2010
Rating Wow nice work
Thanks to all the people at mpt I''''m in the hotshot business and fuel mileage is a must along with reliable power mike you hit a home run here my my 04 6.0 is getting over 12 mpg loaded most people out here I talk to only get around 8 with 24k on the deck in this pic I still got 12 mph at 80+ mph in the mountains
Reviewed by: from . on 8/15/2010

Rush My Tunes - Gas Vehicles Only
Rush My Tunes - Gas Vehicles Only
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