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F150 Ecoboost - SCT SF3 3015 w/ 3 MPT Custom Tunes
SCT SF3 3015

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F150 Ecoboost - SCT SF3 3015 w/ 3 MPT Custom Tunes
Part #: SCT-SF3-3015-F150Ecoboost
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Retail Price: $479.00
MPT Saves You: $80.00
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Options to Consider
Total number of Custom Tunes
Upgrade your SCT Tuner with the following:
AEM Wideband O2 Air/Fuel UEGO Gauge Kit [+$198.80]
SCT SF3 0-5v Analog Input Cable Needed for Wideband [+$10.00]
SC Tune Upgrade - Required for Aftermarket Supercharged/Turbo [+$450.00]
JMS EGT Sensor Kit (Save $10) [+$159.00]
Ecoboost F150 Tunes [+$30.00]

Ford F150 Ecoboost Twin Turbo 3.5L V6
SCT SF3 3015 Flash Programmer

Includes 3 Performance, Towing, or Economy MPT Custom Tunes created by our expert SCT Certified Tuners.

You choose the octane and the tune type for each of the 3 tunes. Custom Tunes are hand created specifically for your vehicle by MorePowerMike, our Expert SCT Certified Tuner.

Custom tunes available for any modification available for the Ecoboost.

What the SCT SF3 3015 can do for your Ecoboost:

  • Huge Power Gains in Torque and Horse Power
  • Faster Turbo Spool
  • Increased Boost
  • Get rid of the mushy slow pedal
  • Throttle Response is drastically improved
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Better Powerband under the Curve
  • Faster 0-60
  • Improved and Firmer Shifting
  • Turn Off Traction Control
  • Removed Speed Limiters
  • Raised Rev Limiters
  • Get Rid of Check Engine Light
  • Store exact copy of the vehicle's stock file (Needed for Warranty Repairs)
  • Tune for Aftermarket Modifications such as long tube headers, off road x and others.
  • Plus all of the features listed below...

The SCT SF3 3015 is the hottest tuner on the market for the F150 Ecoboost Twin Turbo V6, with repeatable gains on 87, 91 and 93 octane. Load any of the 3 tunes onto your Ecoboost and you'll quickly see why.

Ford F-150 Ecoboost Dyno Sheet (Click Image to Enlarge)

Stock Dyno Pull: 300.96 RWHP / 327.77 RWTQ
Dyno Pull on Preloaded SCT 87 Octane Tune: 335.51 RWHP / 393.94 RWTQ
Dyno Pull on Preloaded SCT 93 Octane Tune: 351.64 RWHP / 436.02 RWTQ
Dyno Pull on Preloaded SCT 93 Octane Tune Adds: +50.68RWHP / 108.25 RWTQ

What is a Flash Programmer and why do I need one?
A Flash Programmer (AKA Flash Tuner) is a device that will immediately increase the horse power, torque and fuel economy for your vehicle. You choose the type of tune based on the type of performance you desire. Tunes can be switched at any time in a matter of minutes. Plus, it's 100% reversible.

What's Included with the SF3 3015:
  • SCT SF3 3015 Tuner
  • USB Cable
  • Product Support CD
  • SCT Emblem
  • 3 Custom Tunes created specifically for your Ecoboost by MorePowerMike!
Why buy from MPT?
  • 3 Free MPT Custom Tunes on top of the SCT provided pre-loaded tunes
  • Expert SCT Certified Custom Tuner
  • Customer Service Driven
  • Fast Responses to Emails and Questions
  • Speedy Order Processing and Free Domestic Shipping
  • Free Tune updates for Life on all products purchased through MPT
Because the SF3 utilizes the newest flash technology it is THE BEST choice for re-programming your vehicle. This SCT Tuner will first store an exact copy of the vehicle's stock file (needed for warranty repairs) then completely re-program the vehicle's computer. This re-program can include Faster 0-60 times, Better Throttle Response, Improved Shifting, Smoother Idle, More Power for Towing, Better Fuel Economy, Removed Speed Limiters, Raised Rev Limiters, Removal of Check Engine Lights, Ability to Run Different Octanes as well as modifying for the use of Specialized Fuel Types, Reprogramming for Cams, Nitrous, Turbos, Super Chargers, Gear Changes, Long Tube Headers, ...the list goes on. With the SF3 you can do anything and everything needed to make your vehicle run at its absolute best. When you combine SCT's Flash Technology with MPT's Custom Expert Tunes the possibilities are endless!

What Features/Abilities are Included?

Includes the MPT Exclusive 3 Free Custom Tunes!
The SF3 has the ability to hold 3 custom tune files in addition to the pre-loaded files. MPT lets you take advantage of this feature by offering 3 free custom tunes created by our expert level SCT certified custom tuners. These tunes are set up specifically for your vehicle and the modifications you have. Simply fill out the Custom Tune Form after purchasing your programmer and your personalized custom tunes will be ready to go.
Click here to preview the Custom Tune Form (Free Tunes not applicable for After Market Supercharged/Turbo Vehicles)

Comes Pre-Loaded with SCT's Dyno Proven Tune Files!
The SCT SF3 is PRE-LOADED with several DYNO Proven Tunes designed for many different vehicles. SCT's Dyno Proven Tunes are designed to increase Horsepower and Torque, as well as increase throttle response across the entire power-band. Make your car feel like the car you want it to be.

What Vehicles are Supported and What Gains Can I Expect?
Click Here for a List of the SCT Pre-Loaded Tunes by Vehicle and Average Gains. If your vehicle is not listed you will need to use your Custom Tunes. Lucky for you, MPT provides 3 for free.
Please note that our Expert Level Custom Tunes will always beat the performance and satisfaction of the preloaded tunes. Most vehicles gain up to 10% in fuel economy while seeing the incredible increases in horsepower, torque and throttle response.

On-Device and Pass Through High Speed Data Logging!
Use the SF3's On-Device Data Logging to record engine parameters for later viewing on the device or on a laptop using SCT's Free Livelink Software. The SF3 also has the ability to be hooked directly to a laptop for Pass Through Data Logging of up to 20 parameters. A must have for the Do-It Yourself Tuner.

Dual Analog Inputs to Monitor EGT / AFR & Other Popular Sensor Data!
Allows you to connect external devices such as a wideband to read A/F, an EGT kit to read Exhaust Gas Temperatures, or a Map Sensor to read Boost. Once connected you can display these on the SF3 screen using the On-Device Monitoring and/or Pass Through Data Logging.

Reads and Clears DTC Trouble Codes!
Tired of that pesky check engine light? Curious to see what it means and why it's there? The SF3 can help. The SF3 has the ability to Read and Clear OBD2 DTC Check Engine Lights.

Preloaded On Device Adjustable Tuning Options:
Octane Based Tunes Gas vehicle's preloaded tunes vary Performance levels by octane. For example, 3 preloaded tunes may indicate an 87 octane tune, 91 octane tune and 93 octane tune. Premium fuel will provide the best performance increase over stock.
Towing Tune Some vehicles will have a towing tune option on top of the octane tunes. This option will adjust the tune and shifting to be more focused on towing over performance.
Economy Tune Some vehicles will have an economy tune option on top of the octane tunes. This option will adjust the tune and shifting to be more focused on economy over performance.
Rear O2s Disables the Rear O2s and eliminates the CEL caused by removing the rear O2s. This is needed when running no cats, aftermarket cats or an off-road x-pipe.
EGR Delete Removes the Exhaust Gas Recirculation functions from normal engine operation.
Axle Ratio Set the axle ratio to correct shift patterns and speedometer*. (If speedo is pcm controlled.)
Tire Size Set the tire size to correct shift patterns and speedometer*. (If speedo is pcm controlled.)
Speed Limiter Remove, Increase or Decrease the vehicles speed limiter. (aka governor)
Rev Limit Sets Rev Limit in RPM.
Idle Speed Sets Idle speed in RPM.
Traction Control On/Off setting disables traction control without using the button in the vehicle.
WOT Shift Points Shift points at Wide Open Throttle can be increased or decreased to preference.
Shift Firmness Control A percentage change to the transmission shift pressure. (+=firmer) (-=softer) Controls how firm the shifts will feel. Option will display as Shift Press 12 (1st to 2nd shift) etc.
Global Spark Add or Remove Timing Advance to the entire RPM range.
Spark by RPM Add or Remove Timing Advance to specific RPM ranges. (0-2000)(2000-4000)(4000-8000)
WOT Fuel Add or Remove Fuel at Wide Open Throttle (WOT)
Fuel Injections Some vehicles will have an option for different sized injectors. (Availability Limited)
Fan Control Lowers the Temperature at which the Fan turns on.
CMCV Deletes Updates tune to handle the CMCV aka IMRC delete plates modification.
Available Options on each vehicle will vary.

Rush My Tunes
Rush My Tunes
Retail Price: $50.00
MPT Saves You: $15.00
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