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2009-2013 Ford F-150 SPC Adjustable Camber Nut/Bracket

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• Camber: -1.00 degree to +1.00 degree
• Caster: -1.50 degree to +1.50 degree
• Required: 1 kit per axle
Part Number: SPC86250
UPC: 82642862505
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SPC Adjustable Camber Nut and Bracket

More Power Tuning has aftermarket suspension on their own truck and knows that sometimes, not everything lines up quite right when using mass-produced shock/spring combinations that lower or raise thr truck. This completely changes the suspension's original geometry and thus the dynamic driveability of the truck while daily driving or pushing it to the limit... For this, we have sourced parts from SPC to compensate for these alignment variances that can cause unwanted road noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). With the ability to level-out your suspension with a proper alignment, this Camber adjustment bolt kit from SPC ensures any corner of your vehicle that won't cooperate with the available camber adjustment in the stock suspension will be compensated for to ensure a comfortable, straight drive.

SPC Camber Nut/Bracket is highlighted in red below.

This innovative cam nut and sturdy bracket saves time and money. Easily adjust camber and caster on newer F150s and Expeditions. Save time since you don't have to remove the OE bolt or stabilizer bar. The sturdy guide bracket allows for live adjustment. This product is a must have every time these vehicles enter your shop!

Click Below for SPC's Product Instruction Manual:

SPC Camber Nut and Bracket Installation Instructions


NOTE: 2 sets will be required to complete entire vehicle. 1 set only comes with enough for half the vehicle.

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