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2009-2014 Ford F-150 RECON Projector Headlights - Smoked/Black w/ CCFL Halos & DRL's

2009-2014 Ford F-150 RECON Projector Headlights - Smoked/Black w/ CCFL Halos & DRL's

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Part Number:RECON-264190BKCC

Projector Headlights Smoked Black Chrome Inner Housing w/ CCFL Halos & Daytime Running Lights - Smoked / Black

A 40% improvement in light output...

...as well as a wider, more usable beam pattern compared to the factory installed OEM headlights is easily achieved with these RECON Projector Headlights with CCFL Halos and Daytime Running Lights. RECON uses the best CCFL technology available to give the brightest Halos and DRLs avaialable in the automotive aftermarket. If you really want to set your truck apart from the crowd, these headlights offer a distinct lighting option that is sure to keep your night drive visible with the included H1 Style Headlights bulbs for the Projector Low and High-beam.

Side-by-side comparison between stock headlights and RECON headlights installed on MPT's 2012 F150 Ecoboost.

Halogen bulbs included at no additional cost.

This kit will include 4 standard Halogen bulbs already installed, but if you would like to upgrade, these headlights will take any XENON or HID H1 bulbs..

If you decide to purchase upgraded XENON or HID bulbs, keep in mind that each headlight holds two H1 bulbs, so you will need to order two sets of headlight bulbs, one set for each headlight in this kit.

Get the ultimate headlight combination by upgrading to HID or XENON bulbs!


If your 2013+ Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, FX2, FX4, or SVT Raptor came from the factory with OEM installed projector headlights & HIDs, these RECON Projector Headlights WILL NOT fit. RECON is working on replacement headlights for your OEM Ford projector headlights... Stay tuned!

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