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Completely Shut, Very Low Profile, Sleek Appearance.
Completely Shut, Very Low Profile, Sleek Appearance.
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2009-2014 Ford F150 - TruXedo Duece - Soft Roll-up, Hinged Tonneau Cover-8' Bed

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• First & Only Soft Roll-up, Hinged Tonneau Cover Combination
• No-drill installation
• TruXedo Deuce tonneau covers are backed by a lifetime warranty
• Low Profile Design
Part Number: TRX798601
UPC: 834418000723
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The TruXedo Duece has truly innovative design.

The TruXedo Deuce tonneau cover has automatic tension control. The exclusive hinge design separates and lifts the fabric to avoid pinch and wear. It secures automatically when latched at the rear, and provides added security when used with a locking tailgate. The Deuce can not be opened until the tailgate is unlocked and opened. The hinged portion also has a locking mechanism. When the locking mechanism is used and the latch at the front of the bed is secured, the latch can only be unlocked by rolling the cover all the way open and releasing the locking mechanism. If you need to access a 5th wheel, simply roll the cover all the way open and secure with security straps at the front of the bed. The TruXedo Deuce does not restrict the tailgate. The rear header functions independently of the tailgate so there is nothing to remove when opening the tailgate.

The TruXedo Deuce will work with most truck accessories.

The TruXedo Deuce will work with most truck accessories such as bed liners, rail caps and side rails. It may not work with all bed extenders. The TruXedo Deuce side rails extend 3" into the bed on each side. In order to use the bed extender, it must not come within 3" of the side of the bed when rotated, or it must be able to detach from the truck, be manually rotated and re-attached.

Extreme Durability

The fabric used in the TruXedo Deuce is very high quality and has been tested in extreme conditions. It is UV-protected and will not fade in the sun. It can hold up to 350 pounds without stretching the fabric. The tonneau cover fabric will not shrink in cold temperatures, to -40 degrees F. Patent pending automatic tension control system keeps the cover tight whether it is 40 degrees below or 120 degrees above. Sliding Velcro brand hook on the side rail works with automatic tension control to keep the cover tight -- even when it's closed!

  • Soft Roll-Up/Hinged

  • Front Access and Exclusive Hinged Design

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Automatic Tension Control

  • No Drill Installation

  • Independent Front Release and One Rear Driver's Side Latching System

  • Industrial Strength Leather-Grain

  • Approx. - Cover Height Above Bed Rails

  • Secures Your Valuable Cargo

  • Unlimited Hauling Flexibility

  • Strong Enough To Stand On

  • UV Protected - No Fading

  • Great For 5th Wheel Towing

Easy Installation.

Typically, the TruXedo Deuce can be installed in 40 minutes. It requires a 9/16" wrench to tighten the 6 clamps that attach the side rails to the inside of the truck bed. You will also need a 1/2" box end wrench and socket.

Click to Download Installation Instructions.

Dual Front Latching System

Quick-release latching system on the
30-inch wide front panel makes bed
entry convenient from both driver
and passenger sides of truck.

Low-Profile Design

Mounted inside the rail, sits lower
than 3/4" above truck bed. Improves
the appearance of any truck.

Easy-to-Install & Remove

Pre-assembled, quick attach cover
system and no-drill clamps make
installation time less than 20 minutes.

Tough & Ready

The new Deuce stands up to real-life
conditions and still maintains clean
good looks.

Automatic Tension Control

Rear-mounted controls self-adjusts
to keep the cover tight
in fluctuating temperatures.


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