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AFE 51-12102-P
AFE 51-12102-P
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2011-2014 Ford Mustang V6 3.7L AFE Magnum FORCE Stage 2-Pro Dry S

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Retail Price:$560.71
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• Outflows the factory intake by 20%
• 3-1/2 Conical Pro 5R Air Filter
• Hassle Free Installation
Part Number: AFE51-12102-P
UPC: 802959512715
Has no adverse effect on emissions, consistent with the EPA Tampering Policy (2019). CARB EO: D-550-15
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CARB EO #: D-550-15


The Stage 2 Magnum FORCE cold air intake with your choice of a conical PRO DRY-S or Pro5R Oiled filter from AFE produces up to 10HP and 12lb-ft TQ and outflows the factory intake by about 20%. Gains in performance are attributed to AFE's well-known and aggressive design, including its larger and more free-flowing one-piece intake tubing, and a highly-engineered heat shield housing. The polished aluminum intake tract is designed to lower intake air temps (IAT) while maximizing volumetric efficiency for maximum performance.

AFE has designed this intake for easy installation by using the factory mounting points, and instructions are at the following link.
Click Here to View the Installation Instructions

  • Stage 2 cold air intakes are designed to replace the factory intake track for maximum performance and throttle response.
  • The Pro Dry S performance air filter has 99.2% filter efficiency.
  • The Pro Dry-S has 3-Layers of progressive cotton gauze for maximum flow.
  • The Pro 5R performance air filter has 98.6% filter efficiency.
  • The Pro 5R air filter is the highest flowing air filter on the market.
  • The Pro 5R has 5-Layers of progressive cotton gauze for maximum flow.
  • One-piece, polished aluminum housing reduces air intake temperature for maximum performance.
  • No cutting or welding needed for a no-trouble installation.
  • Easier to service than conventional, oil-impregnated pleated media or foam filters.
  • Oil-Free, dry synthetic media.


Fits 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6

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