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2011-14 F150 5.0L V8 JLT Black Plastic CAI

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With a huge 4.5" opening on the tube we needed a huge filter. We love the tapered flange design and Powerstack filtered ends of S&B's filters and ended up with a monster 4.5x9" filter. Finish it off with a silicone coupler and stainless clamps and you got the BEST Intake on the market! NO METAL TUBING HERE!!
Part Number: JLTCAI-F15050-11
UPC: 841372044021

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JLT has done it again. Delivering a CAI performance intake for the 11-14 F150 5.0 that requires a tune and shows an improvement during dyno research and testing. (Even noticeable in super hot Florida conditions.) This intake kit has the MAF housing incorporated into the tube. This makes for a smooth interior and a smooth look to the tube itself. Another improvement worth noting is the sound. This intake is VERY LOUD. Immediately after installing this intake on our project Fleeterbomber F150 5.0 we could tell how good it sounds. This F150 5.0 JLT CAI is a free flowing intake and the sound it makes is something that any performance enthusiast can appreciate. Plus, it fits great with the Boss 302 intake manifold. What more could you ask for?

Read our Blog about the F150 JLT CAI install, dyno testing and review here.


The heat shield ABS plastic to block engine heat at idle and low speed. It incorporates the fresh air inlet from the grill. It uses a large area to make sure the filter has tons of cool air.


The MAF housing is larger than stock, which separates it from most all other F150 5.0 intakes. In general a "no tune required" intake means airflow didn't increase enough to require a tune update. This intake REQUIRES a tune update because the increase over stock is extreme.


Check out the Power Gains tab above for dyno charts and results. We saw an average of 10 hp increase and 10 ft-lbs increase during dyno testing from the JLT F150 5.0 CAI. That is on top of the already massive hp and tq increases from a tune. (TUNING IS REQUIRED) Another great feature of this intake is the aggressive sound it adds. Check out the video and blog for more info.


If you already own an MPT Tune, purchase of this F150 JLT Cold Air Intake includes a free MPT Tune Update. If you do not have an MPT tune for your 2011-2014 F150 5.0 Coyote then take advantage of the discounted price at time of check out. From $45 to $50, discount only valid when combined with this JLT F150 5.0 intake purchase. After purchase you will fill out the MPT tune form found here: MPT Tune Form Link


Standard finish is an OEM looking black textured plastic.


  • JLT black textured plastic intake tube
  • Silicone Coupler
  • S&B powerstack air filter
  • ABS Heat Shield


To properly clean your oil filter, JLT recommends the S&B Precision II Cleaning & Oiling Kit. *TIP* by purchasing a 2nd air filter you can simply swap filters when it's time to clean it and not be rushed. Clean the first filter and it's ready when it's time to change again.


Oiled filters can last forever as long as you properly clean and re-oil it. Oil filters are available in red.

Boss 302 Intake Manifold

Don't believe us when we say it connects to the Boss 302 intake manifold? Check out these pictures.

NOTE: Tuning of your vehicle is required with purchase of this intake. The massive diameter on this JLT intake makes it very LOUD.

If you do not like a loud intake, this is not the CAI for you. This intake will exhibit a loud droning type noise at lower rpm when accelerating heavily, then watch out as the power kicks in and this intake really screams to life. The power gains are very noticeable for the enthusiast that enjoys a loud intake.

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