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ATI Procharger Standard Blower Pulley
ATI Procharger Standard Blower Pulley

ATI Procharger Standard Blower Pulley

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Part Number:PC-ATI-PulleyDP

Options to Consider

Select Pulley Size and Rib

ATI Procharger Standard Blower Pulley

Procharger Supercharger Systems compatible with Standard Pulleys:
  • P1SC
  • P1SC-1
  • P1SC-2
  • D1
  • D1SC

Looking to increase the amount of boost out of the Procharger system on your Ford Mustang 3.7L? Grab yourself an ATI Procharger Blower Pulley! These pulleys come in a broad range of sizes and 6 rib to fit your Mustang's unique setup! Keep in mind that a better flowing system will make less boost and requires a smaller pulley to regain the reduction in boost. However, there will still be an increase in power. This pulley comes with the retaining bolt, washer, and key.


  • Never strike the ProCharger pulley with a hammer or other tool under any circumstance! Evidence of such force will void the warranty, as serious damage to the precision bearings within the ProCharger could occur.
  • Belt is not included with pulley purchase.
  • Increasing boost levels to unsafe levels can result in ENGINE FAILURE.
How to figure out pulley size:

Let's say your pulley is a DP400I-06D. 400I means this pulley is a 4.00 diameter size. The 06D tells you it is a six rib. If you have any questions or aren't sure just give us a call or send us an email. We will be glad to help you out!

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