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2013-2014 Ford Fusion FWD Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Lowering Springs
Front -1" / Rear -0.5"

2013-2014 Ford Fusion FWD Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Lowering Springs

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Part Number:Eibach-35141.140
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Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Springs

MPT now offers options to lower your 2013-2014 Ford Fusion FWD. Let us help you make the right choice. Eibach's Pro-Kit Performance Lowering Springs are engineered to lower and hold your Fusion's center of gravity. This is performed through ensuring reduced squat during hard acceleration, less body-roll in cornering situations and by lessening excessive nose-dive when applying the brakes while coming to a quick stop. The "Pro's" of the Pro-Kit don't stop there.

Not only will it perform better, but your 2013-2014 Ford Fusion will look great with these upgraded springs. By Reducing what is commonly referred to as "wheel-gap", or excessive fender-well clearance, this kit lowers your car which makes the tires look more flush with the body of the vehicle. When this is done you will notice a more aggressive appearance. Some will choose to pair this upgrade with larger wheels, which can not only change the dynamic of driving your Fusion, but also add to the over-all good-looks of your sleeper sedan.

Ride height lowered 1"-0.5" with Eibach Lowering Springs

This set of springs does not provide a large drop, just enough to ensure that any performance capabilities that can be squeezed out of the rest of the stock suspension geometry is put to full use without over-working the stock shock-travel. Please make sure you get your vehicle aligned after having any suspension work performed.

Stock ride height from Ford.

High Performance Handling and Aggressive Good Looks

  • Slightly lower center-of-gravity
  • Front will be lowered -1"
  • Rear will be lowered -.5"
  • Shortened stopping distance
  • Take corners more quickly
  • Lower ride-height allows possibility for improved MPG
  • Excellent Eibach ride-quality
  • Eibach provides a "Million Mile Warranty"

Click Here for further specifications from Eibach on the Pro-Kit for the 2013 and 2014 Ford Fusion.

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