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MPT Remote Tuning Device - RTD
MPT Remote Tuning Device - RTD
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2018-2020 Ford F150 2.7 Ecoboost - MPT RTD+ (+Optional MPT Tunes)

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Eliminate the risk of tuning by choosing the #1 Trusted Tuner. MPT has 15+ years specializing in Tuning Fords.

Known for excellent customer service and having the best high-performing, reliable tunes.

Improve Horsepower, Torque and Performance.
• +130 Horsepower and +125 ft-lbs Torque
• Enjoy driving your truck like never before
• Fix Clunky Confused Shifting
• Insane before and after results
• Easily Add Over +100 Horsepower and +100 ft-lbs Torque
• Truck feels lighter and is more fun to drive
• Get rid of lag with Instant Pedal Response
• Faster 0-60 Times
• Removes Factory Speed Limiter
• Quicker Quarter Mile Times
• Increased Smiles per Mile
• Includes 60 days of datalog support and tune revisions
Rest easy knowing any questions or help needed after purchase will be answered by our top notch team.   Jump to Full Product Info ⤵

RTD Notes
• 4 HP Tuners Credits Included
• Full data logging capabilities
• Reads DTC Trouble Codes
• Choose the number of MPT Tunes
Compatible with Android and iPhone
• Windows Laptop Optional
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Part Number: MPT-18-20-F150-27-RTD
Has no adverse effect on emissions, consistent with the EPA Tampering Policy (2019). MPT-Reasonable-Basis-27

Options to Consider


MPT makes the Truck
Feel & Drive like a Race Car

Incredible Power Unleashed

what people are saying

This is what you've been asking for, the performance your truck deserves.

The MPT tune really awakens the Gen2 F150 2.7L Ecoboost! The throttle feel is perfect, the truck gets up and goes effortlessly, and the transmission shifts are so much better!

The entire process is simple and straightforward.

It’s a night and day difference between running the MPT Tune and stock.

The increase in power throughout the power band is simply amazing, the throttle response is perfect, and the shifting is crisp and on point.

My name is Mike Thornhill, I'm the owner here at MPT. We've been tuning Fords for more than 15 years now. This is what we do, day in and day out. Tuning and performance is our specialty. I know some people might be new to tuning and may even think it's snake oil. I can tell you after one minute of driving, you will know the MPT difference is very real. I encourage you to read reviews, browse this page and don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Thanks for checking us out. / Mike @ MPT

Proven Performance with MPT Tunes

Info on MPT Tunes available ⤵

Example from Tune Descriptions:

93/91 PR-X

PR-X, also known as Performance Race Xtreme, is our top-performance tune for the Gen2 Ecoboost Trucks. This is by far the preferred tune on this truck due to the ridiculous power gains over stock. The truck feels so much lighter with the increased throttle response and part throttle boost. Wide open throttle boost is increased over stock by +/- 15% which equals out to around 3/5 psi, depending on the rpm. Peak boost is around 20psi +/-.

With this tune you are looking at huge increases in low end torque and acceleration, faster 0-60 times, quicker 1/4 mile results, shift points optimized with a focus on performance.

The shift points in normal mode will hit all 10 gears, with downshifts tightened up putting you in the right gear at the right time. This means power to the wheels when the driver demands it.

Sport Mode and Tow Haul mode retain most all of the positive features from Ford with minor tweaks to improve over all feel.

All driving modes drastically improve throttle response and feel, but click to Sport mode and this improvement is multiplied. Sport mode has a noticeable increase in throttle response above that of the already increased base mode. The PR-X tune is only available for premium fuels of 91 octane or better. We do not recommend 87 octane at all, but for those that tune the bare minimum allowed in the truck, you can use the Trans Only tune.

Link to read more: Gen2 F150 2.7L Ecoboost Tune Descriptions

Dyno Graph

This graph shows a stock hit, a hit with the 93 PR-X tune loaded, a hit with the E30 PR-X loaded, and a hit with the E50 PR-X loaded.

How Does it work?

Preview MPT's step-by-step instructions here: RTD+ Quick Start Guide.

MPT F-150 Performance Upgrades

F-150 Performance Parts and Upgrades

Please note: It is More Power Tuning's (MPT) policy not to manufacture, offer for sale, sell, convey, or otherwise transfer any product, including Handheld Devices, Pre-Loaded Tunes, or Calibrations that contain features to bypass, defeat or render inoperative the following: EGR, Rear Oxygen Sensors, SCR, DPF, NAC, DOC, or any diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) associated with these emission controls. Products/Calibrations shall retain the full operation and functionality of the On Board Diagnostic System (OBD), will continue to satisfy emissions requirements, such as meeting standards within useful life or maintaining emissions performance outside useful life. MPT does not support modifications that remove or alter the emissions system of the vehicle. MPT will not shut off check engine lights caused by non-emissions compliant parts installed.

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