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Products other than MPT tunes may be returned within 30 days for any reason, provided that the product has not been installed and is in brand new unused condition. Once a product has been installed it is non-refundable.

MPT will not accept any returns that are sent without a Return Authorization Number. You must call or email and obtain an RA # before sending anything back to us for any reason. Products must be returned to MPT in original packaging, in perfect undamaged condition. For vehicle programmers/tuners, the vehicle must be returned to stock if a program was installed. If a Tuning Device is returned to us that has not been returned to stock, a refund will not be issued, and your tuner will not be sent back without a shipping and handling fee. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges incurred during return process.

Amount Refunded: Returns post marked within 15 days from the date the item was received will be refunded the purchase price minus the cost MPT paid for shipping. Returns post marked between 16 and 30 days from the date the item was received will be refunded the purchase price minus a 25% use and restocking fee. After 30 days, all sales are Final. MPT Tuning charges and License Fees are Non-Refundable.

nGauge Tune License Fee: If the optional MPT tunes are bundled with an nGauge there is a non-refundable license fee. This fee is paid for with the tune add-on and becomes non-refundable when the stock file has been emailed to MPT.

nGauge Tune Update: The nGauge uses a license system and becomes locked to the vehicle that is tuned. This locking is based on VIN and Strategy. If the strategy changes, just purchase a tune update and fill out a MPT tune form, make sure to select Existing Tune Update. This will transfer the existing MPT Tunes to the new strategy. Please realize, this means if the dealership reflashes your vehicle you will need a tune update for the updated strategy. To prevent this, you can request the PCM not be updated when going in for service. This does not cover changing vehicles or changing tunes, which will require purchasing new MPT tunes. The license fee is non-refundable with no exceptions. It becomes non-refundable as soon as the stock file is emailed to MPT. License fees are non-refundable.

MPT's Tune Sales and Update Policy

MPT Tunes: Digital files and items that have no ability to be taken back physically such as MPT Tunes are Non-Refundable. The sale is final when MPT has sent the Tune File over email.

Preference based Tune Update Window: The tuning process starts when MPT has sent the first file. We put an extreme amount of time and effort into creating each and every MPT tune. Our tunes include 60 days of preference based updates. After 60 days preference based tune updates may require a tune update fee.

During these 60 days, MPT will update your tune file for preference based changes. Preference based changes include feel and everyday performance of the tune. Octane changes, addition of transmission tuning to "no trans" tunes, and over-all tune changes do not fall under preference based changes. Most upgrades or modifications purchased through MPT would include a free tune update. All products or upgrades not purchased through MPT will require an update fee.

Strategy Changes: Same vehicle, new stock strategy. If the strategy of the vehicle has changed requiring us to build new tunes, you may purchase an MPT Tune Update rather than purchasing new tunes at full price.

Serial Number Changes: MPT tunes are written for a specific serial number. If you have existing tunes from MPT, but have replaced the tuner with an upgraded model but purchased it from another vendor, you may purchase the MPT Tune Update, instead of buying all new MPT Tunes.

Non-Transferable: Tunes are written for 1 owner, 1 vin, one device serial number.