Husky Liners 2019 Ford Ranger WeatherBeater Second Seat Floor Liners
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14411 - SuperCrew
14411 - SuperCrew

Husky Liners WeatherBeater 2nd Seat Floor Liners for 2019 Ford Ranger

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2019 Ford Ranger SuperCab and Supercrew Cab Pickup - Rear Floor Liners
Part Number: hl144

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Husky Liners 2019 Ford Ranger WeatherBeater 2nd Seat Floor Liners

Husky Part #:
  • 14411 - SuperCrew
  • 14421 - SuperCab

FormFit Design

Husky's FormFit Design process perfectly forms each liner to the detailed contours of your specific ride. They use laser measurement and computers to precisely measure each individual make and model's floorboard to create the perfect fit.

StayPut Cleats

Husky's StayPut Cleats help keep the liner from shifting around underfoot like lesser liners.

WeatherBeater Liners

Husky's WeatherBeater premium liner material is sporty and rugged, taking abuse like no other liner.

Guaranteed for Life

Husky provides a lifetime guarantee. No hassles, no questions replacement. Visit Life for more info.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

  • Custom-molded floor liner perfectly fits the Ranger
  • Raised containment wells keep dirt from the carpet below.
  • Rubberized thermoplastic material is resistant to cracks and tearing.
  • Able to withstand abuse from oil, gas, and even battery acid.
  • Treads are designed to help channel fluids, dirt, and debris.
  • Stay-Put Cleats keep the liner mats in place.
  • Available in Black
  • Fits 2019 Ford Ranger
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to install, remove, and clean.
  • Limited lifetime warranty