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I can't say enough good things about the entire crew at MPT, and the quality of the work performed. I'm lucky to be only two hours away, as it made it easy for me to bring my 2016 3.5L Ecoboost to them for a 93 PR-X dyno tune. I told them that I wanted to make good HP/Torque numbers, but stay in the 'safe zone' as far as stress on the engine was concerned. They took their time, did a lot of pulls, and dialed my truck in to the exact numbers I wanted (and more importantly, the numbers that Mike felt were the best for what I wanted.) Common wisdom says that these motors can handle about 500HP before risking component failure (which also seems to be the accepted limit for the stock fuel delivery system.) My truck is tuned to hit 16 psi boost, which is about 75% of what the GT turbos I installed can deliver. At that boost I'm making 435HP/ 456 lb.ft. Given that I'm running a set of heavy wheels/ tires, I'd estimate a true 450HP/ 480 lb.ft. with less rotating mass. In other words, a near-perfect balance of power and reliability. I've seen no evidence of spark knock/detonation using 93 pump gas. Also, my fuel economy didn't suffer (unless I keep my foot in the gas...LOL) I've got decent economy when I drive easy, and plenty of power on tap when I want it. Perfect. One other thing. I bought the 93 PR-X tune in two flavors: One with the full transmission mod, and one with the standard shift points. I bought the latter because I was afraid the former would be too harsh. Not to worry, the full-on PR-X tune is smooth as silk, and VERY driveable. I've never used the standard shift point version of the PR-X tune, and I see reason I ever will. (I also bought the 93 tow tune, and that gets used - very valuable.) I HIGHLY recommend Mike and the rest of the crew at MPT.
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Reviewed by:  from Tampa, FL. on 3/13/2017

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