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AEM V2 Water Nozzle and Jet Kit

AEM V2 Water Nozzle and Jet Kit

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Retail Price:$95.68
MPT Saves You:$26.79(28%)
Part Number:AEM-30-3312
AEM's Water Nozzle and Jet Kit can be used as a replacement for other brand injection kits or to run an additional nozzle for higher volume.

This kit includes one precision-machined billet injector with integral check valve to prevent unintended fluid flow, three billet injector nozzles to match water flow to an engine's horsepower output, one foot (12 inch) of 1/4 inch nylon injection tubing and a T-fitting to integrate the additional nozzle into an existing system.

    Nozzle Size:
  • Large 1000 cc/min 35-4514-05
  • Medium 500 cc/min 35-4514-02
  • Small 250 cc/min 35-4514-04

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