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2015 Ford Mustang V6 3.7L - AIRAID Race-Style Cold Air Dam Intake (Oiled Red Filter)

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•Hassle-Free Installation
•Maximum flow while maintaining particulate protection
Part Number: AR-450-331
GTIN: 6.42E+11
Has no adverse effect on emissions, consistent with the EPA Tampering Policy (2019). CARB EO: D-609-19
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Airaid Race-Style Cold Air Dam Intake System for 2015 Ford Mustang V6 3.7L

AIRAID 450-331;Track Day Oiled Red Filter; Includes Intake Tube; Easy To Install w/Basic Hand Tools

CARB EO # D-609-19

It is a proven scientific fact that cold air is denser than hot air, which means that an engine breathing cold air is going to make more power than the identical engine breathing hot air. The quest for cold air is what drives the AIRAID® Cold Air Dam Intakes. The CAD Intakes retain the stock filter location but give the stock intake system a big boost with the addition of a huge air inlet that provides a steady, free-flowing supply of cold air. This is done via Cold Air Dam panels, which mount in the factory air box location and utilize any factory cold air inlet ducts that are present, while adding additional cold air passages to the filter. These panels also keep the filter isolated from the hot engine compartment air by sealing to the underside of the hood via blade-style weatherstripping. Each AIRAID® Cold Air Dam Intake is designed specifically for each vehicle application and offers a simple, trouble-free installation using simple hand tools. Like the rest of the AIRAID® systems, the CAD Intakes are Made in the USA and include all the necessary installation hardware as well as easy-to-understand instructions written with the do-it-yourselfer in mind.

High-performance engines have enormous airflow needs, and racers are always looking for a little something extra that will give them an edge over the competition. AIRAID’s new Track Day filters were built with racers in mind. Track Day Filters are designed for maximum flow while maintaining particulate protection. Track Day Filters feature the same quality construction as our regular air filters, including sturdy polyurethane casings, wire mesh construction, and layers of high flow cotton gauze. They are designed to provide restriction-free airflow while still maintaining adequate filtration.

Each AIRAID® product line is the result of exhaustive research and development. Their in-house engineering team consists of both mechanical and industrial design engineers using the latest 3-D CAD modeling equipment to produce advanced designs that make more power right out of the box. A portable 3-D scanner and rapid prototyping machine allows AIRAID® to test new products on their in-house Superflow flow bench and verify the unmatched fit, finish, and style that AIRAID® customers demand. All products are then tested on their all-wheel-drive Mustang chassis dynamometer to produce real-world performance numbers.

All AIRAID® Premium Filters are produced in-house using only the finest materials available and highly specialized manufacturing equipment to ensure a level of quality control no other filter company can match. This is just one of many reasons why all of AIRAID®’s filters are backed by their “No Hassle” Lifetime Warranty. All of AIRAID®’s product lines are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Note: Because of the exposed open-element design of the Cold Air Dam panels, AIRAID recommends this intake only be used in controlled dry track conditions, and strongly recommends the use of a pre-filter if used in wet environments.

Click here to view the Airaid 450-331 Installation Manual