Banks Power Ram-Air 2011-2014 Ford F-150 / Raptor SVT V8 6.2L Intake System
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Banks Power Ram-Air 2011-2014 Ford F-150 / 2010-2014 Raptor SVT V8 6.2L Intake System

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Banks Power Ram-Air Intake System
•Over 4% Air density increase over stock
•All hardware included
Part Number: Banks-41882
GTIN: 801279418820
Has no adverse effect on emissions, consistent with the EPA Tampering Policy (2019). CARB EO: D-161-99

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Banks Ram-Air® Intake System for 2011-2014 Ford F150 / 2010-2014 Raptor SVT V8 6.2L

CARB EO #: D-161-99

Banks opens up your truck's breathing with a flowbench-developed and dyno-proven Ram-Air Intake System that is 46.8% less restrictive than stock on the 6.2L at 600 CFM. Ram-Air's lifetime filter has a huge outlet with deep filter pleats that maximize flow and a complete air filter housing that draws in cooler, denser air to the engine for greater power and fuel economy. With large-diameter tubing and its low-restriction filter element, this system outflows the OEM aircleaner by 73%. The Banks Ram-Air intake faces forward, into the air you’re driving into, further cramming even more air into the engine.

Features and Benefits:
• Large filter housing, specially designed inlet and low-restriction tubing optimize airflow
• Giant dome-shaped lifetime filter replaces flat panel filter for more flow; never buy another filter
• Large filter area for maximum high-flow filtration
• One system fits all model years; all hardware included to cover every sensor variation
• 5-year warranty on the Ram-Air Intake
• Lifetime warranty on the air filter (oiled filter)
• Hardware Included

Note: 41882 is the oiled filter version (cleanable) and 41882D is the dry filter version (disposable). Since you are not sacrificing performance with either choice, the decision comes down to would you rather throw away the filter or clean it. The part numbers for intakes with a dry filter end with 'D'. CARB E.O. D-161-99