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Belltech 1008SP
Belltech 1008SP
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Belltech Street Performance Lowering Kit for 2015-2020 2WD Ford F-150

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• Improve the look and ride quality of your F-150
• Lowers front of vehicle 1-5 inches
• Lowers rear of vehicle 6 inches
• 2-Wheel Drive Vehicles Only
Part Number: BEL1008SP
UPC: 722439999440
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Belltech Street Performance Lowering Kit for 2015-2020 2WD Ford F-150

Belltech Part #: 1008SP

  • 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Ford F-150 2WD (All Cabs / Short Bed)

Looking to change the look of your F-150? Belltech's 5”/6” Lowering Kit Variations for the 2015+ F150s is just what you are looking for. Lowering your F150 1-5” in the front with 6” drop to the rear is possible with the use of their drop spindle set in conjunction with a Belltech flip kit. Adding to the duo are Belltech’s Street Performance shocks that aid in control from quick wheel movements while increasing stability, safety, and comfort.

Lower your Sport Truck or SUV right the first time. Belltech Street Performance complete lowering kits come with all the parts, pieces and shock absorbers you require to achieve not only the look you desire, but the ride quality, performance and safety you need. Belltech engineers have reviewed the most popular setups for each Sport Truck or SUV in their application range and developed the Belltech Complete Kit Line to simplify your purchase. These complete lowering kits are your all in one box solution. Made up of a variety of combinations of Belltech's individual lowering components as well as all the grade 8 installation hardware and alignment pieces needed to achieve the advertised lowering amount, making choosing your kit even simpler.

  • 6" drop in rear
  • 1-5" drop in front
  • Rear flip kit w/ lift hanger, part # 6448
    Belltech rear axle Flip Kits are designed application specific to relocate or “Flip" the rear axle of your truck from beneath the leaf spring to above, providing a dramatic amount of drop. Each Belltech rear axle Flip Kit is engineered for each individual application and manufactured with high quality steel and feature a durable powder coated finish, Grade 8 hardware and installation instructions. Belltech frame rail C-Notches are included in most Flip Kits.

  • Drop Spindle Set, part # 2352
    In 1983, Belltech developed one of the industry's first revolutionary products to help jump start the Sport Truck craze, the Drop Spindle. By relocating the spindle pin (or hub) higher on the spindle casting, our engineers can provide a 2-3" drop without negatively affecting front end suspension or steering geometry, not even the shock absorber! Belltech Drop Spindles offer various drop amounts depending on your application, while improving handling and retaining factory ride quality. Belltech spindles maintain critical suspension geometry and eliminate excessive ball joint, shock and tire wear common to other methods of lowering. Each spindle is crafted from powdercoated, CNC machined, high strength ductile iron castings providing the structural integrity to meet and exceed all factory specifications & requirements.
    Click here for install instructions

  • Street Performance Struts, part # 25007
    Belltech Street Performance Lowering Front Struts are designed as a performance replacement for today’s Strut equipped Trucks and SUV’s In true Belltech style, the Street Performance Lowering Struts not only provide the performance & safety that you can only get from Belltech but offers the installer the choice on the amount of drop desired from one-part number. Thanks to Belltech's patented ring and perch system, you now have the ability to choose from oem stock height to as much as 3" of drop in half inch increments. The Street Performance lowering strut lineup has been engineered to provide a premium ride quality for today’s trucks and SUV’s. By focusing their attention on the low speed compression and rebound characteristics, the Belltech engineers have developed a great balance between comfort for your everyday commute and overall performance for those spirited drives.
    Click here for install instructions

  • Installation and setup instructions

Which Belltech Lowering Kit fits your needs?

  • Belltech 1008SP

    • Rear Flip Kit w/ Lift Hanger
    • Drop Spindle Set
    • Street performance Struts
  • Belltech 1008HK

    • Front height, adjustable coilovers
    • Factory preset damping
    • Rear Street performance shock absorbers
    • Rear Flip Kit w/ Lift Hanger
    • Drop spindle set
    • Rear 1-inch diameter sway bar
  • Belltech 1008HKP

    • Front height & damping adjustable coilovers
    • Rear Street Performance PLUS shock absorbers
    • Rear Flip Kit w/ Lift Hanger
    • Drop spindle set
    • Rear 1-inch diameter sway bar

NOTE: Must use 20" wheels or larger with lowering spindle. Does NOT fit Raptor models. Two-wheel drive models only.

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