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MPT is Dyno Tested / Track Proven / Customer Driven
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This is what you've been asking for, the performance a Raptor deserves.

The MPT tune really awakens the Raptor! The throttle feel is perfect, the truck gets up and goes effortlessly, and the transmission shifts are so much better!

The entire process is simple and straightforward.

It’s a night and day difference between running the MPT Tune and stock.

The increase in power throughout the power band is simply amazing, the throttle response is perfect, and the shifting is crisp and on point.

My name is Mike Thornhill, I'm the owner here at MPT. I've been tuning Fords for more than 15 years now. For my team at MPT, this is what we do, day in and day out. Tuning and performance is our specialty. I know some people might be new to tuning and may even think it's snake oil. I can tell you after one minute of driving, you will know this is real. I encourage you to read reviews, browse this page and don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. Thanks for checking us out. // Mike @ MPT

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Proven Performance with MPT Tunes

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Drives and Shifts so much better

I had the competitors tune initially but after some shady customer service I decided to have MPT write the tune for my truck. Better tune then the competitor, but more importantly to me, amazing customer service from start to end.


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MPT in Customer's Words:

F150 Performance Parts and Upgrades

It's amazing what just a tune can do

Absolutely 100% recommend tuning from MPT! Truck runs amazing and shifts perfect!


Should I wait to get MPT tunes until after other modifications?

Tuning should be your first modification. The biggest gains are delivered with MPT tuning. Most other modifications require no change to the MPT tune. The few modifications that do require MPT tuning can be adjusted for. There is no reason to wait for tuning until after other modifications. For many customers, MPT tunes are the only modification done to their vehicle and they often mention wishing they didn't wait. When driving MPT tunes, customers agree this is how it should have came from Ford.

How are MPT Tunes delivered?

MPT makes this process as easy as possible for you and for those that still need help or have questions, our tech support team is ready and willing to assist. This is one of the many reasons, MPT is the preferred tuning choice. The tunes will be sent in an email with easy to follow instructions explaining how to get them from the email to the tuner.

Will MPT tunes affect my warranty?

This is a tough question for us to answer for the simple reason that the dealership is a 3rd party. They can literally do whatever they want. We can't speak on behalf of a 3rd party. They can void your warranty for changing your air filter if they are feeling like being a d-bag that day. That being said, we tune these vehicles all day log and customers getting their warranty voided is not a problem we deal with. Our tunes are safe and effective to not cause damage that a dealership would blame on tuning. If this is a concern of yours, our only recommendation is talk to your dealership. Otherwise, simple reload the Ford stock file before going for service. Our general rule is after the 1st oil change you are ready for tuning.

How long does it take to get MPT Tunes?

Tunes, log reviews and tune updates are completed in order received. We cycle through them at a pretty good rate but obviously we don't want to go so fast that we make mistakes. Generally speaking, 3-4 business days is a good estimate. We do however have an option to skip to the front of the line. That service is referred to as Rush My Tunes and gets your tunes completed in 1 business day or less.

How do I choose my MPT Tunes?

MPT has an online question form that gathers your information, details on your vehicle and let's you pick your tunes. It's referred to as the MPT Tune Form. Links will be in your confirmation email as well as this website near the top and bottom.

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