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DeatschWerks - 200lb (2200cc) Fuel Injectors - 99-15 Mustang GT, 99-15 F-Series V8, 09-14 SVT Raptor
Set of 8, 200lb Injectors

DeatschWerks - 200lb (2200cc) Fuel Injectors - 99-15 Mustang GT, 99-15 F-Series V8, 09-14 SVT Raptor

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Part Number:DW16S-13-2200-8

Set of 8 200lb (2200cc) injectors for Ford Mustang GT 1999-2015, F-Series 1999-2015, SVT Cobra 2003-2004, and SVT Raptor 2009-2014

Why use DeatschWerks 200lb Injectors?:

  • Excellent spray pattern and atomization for optimized idle and tuning
  • Flow balanced to within 1-2% (flow report included)
  • Flow rates and set balancing in-house by DeatschWerks
  • E85 compatibility
  • 3-year comprehensive warranty
  • Every set is flow-balanced at 5 different pulse widths
  • Custom report provided, including comprehensive battery offset data

NOTE: Not for use with MTBE

DeatschWerks Injectors provide factory specific OE fitment, meaning they fit the factory harness, fuel rail and manifold. Injector height is extremely important, so DeatschWerks ensures every injector fits at OE height. The Electrical connection is built to fit perfectly with the OE harness. This adds up to the simplest installation possible. No surprises.

Every set of DeatschWerks injectors is accompanied by a custom injector report. This comprehensive report contains information on your injectors that is critical to the high performance tuner such as:

  • Fuel pressure flow rate conversions
  • cc/min and lbs/hr conversions
  • BSFC based horsepower maximums
  • System balance and flow variance
  • Latency values for tuning
  • Fuel Pressure Range: 40-100 psi
  • Minimum Pulse Width: 1.2 ms
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 88%
  • Coil Impedance: 8.8 ohm
  • Injector Type: Bosch EV14 (compact)
  • Connector Type: Sumitomo
DeatschWerks offers over 250 applications and sizes of fuel injectors. They offer Sport Compact, Modern Muscle, and European applications.

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