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MPT E85 or Water/Meth Email Upgrade Option

MPT E85 or Water/Meth Email Upgrade Option

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supercharged custom tunes

How the e85 or Water/Meth Custom Tunes over Email Process Works:
  1. Submit Payment for Supercharged Tune and E85 or Water/Meth Tune (These are separate charges but both are required for E85 or Water/Meth tunes.)

  2. Fill out the Custom Tune Form.

  3. Your initial tune will be built and emailed to you along with instructions on how to data log.

    Email will include links and detailed instructions for everything needed.

  4. You will complete the data log and email it to sales@morepowertuning.com, MPT will review the log and make the needed updates to the tune. Emailing a new version over to complete a verification data log.

  5. The process starts with idle and neutral logs and then moves onto Wide Open Throttle Logs.

    An aftermarket wideband will be required for vehicles not equipt with widebands from the factory.

    MPT provides widebands and the analog cables needed for an additional cost.
If you already own an SCT programmer, all you are missing is a tune from MPT. An Email Custom Tune From MPT is definitely one of the best modifications you can make to your vehicle.

Just like a Naturally Aspirated Custom Tune, Supercharged and Tubrocharged tunes are written specifically for your vehicle and the modifications you have done to it. MPT stands behind the Custom portion of the tune file by hand crafting each tune one by one. We also follow up our tune files with data logs to check out the Engine Calibration making sure that it's running at its absolute best.

Mail Order Supercharged Custom Tunes are not for everyone. A Wideband O2 sensor is required to gather data for Air Fuel Ratios at different rpms. You will be required to configure your wideband into the Analog inputs of the tuner so that air fuel displays on your Livelink Data Logs. Throughout the tuning process we will be working together very closely. I will send you detailed instructions and you will gather the info requested; email me the results and I will then adjust your tune file and send over a revised calibration. This process will repeat until fully tuned. We make the experience very interactive and educational, allowing you to be a part of your vehicle running at MPT standards. If you are looking to have your vehicle tuned in one day, then an Email Custom Tune is not the right choice for you.

Each custom tune order includes 60 Days of data log reviews and preference based changes.

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