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STOP and read this page before selecting your tunes.

Just like all electronically sent goods, once your tunes are sent through email they are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Please cancel your order now if you are not okay with our no return policy on MPT tunes.

How much time will the MPT tunes take to build?
MPT Tunes are completed in order they are received. Typical turnaround time is approx. 3 business days, but times may vary.

Need your tunes ASAP?
If you are in a hurry, upgrade your tunes to 'RUSH MY TUNES' status. This will put you at the top of the line.
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For each tune you will choose the Octane, Tune Type, Shifting Preferences and Misc Settings.

Engine Settings for Gas Vehicles:

Octane: Gas vehicle tunes are distinguished by the octane of fuel being used. Higher level octane will provide better performance. 

Tune Type Settings for Gas Vehicles:

Performance: Tune focusing on the over-all performance of the vehicle. Resulting in the most power gained. 
Towing: Tune focusing on towing aspects of the vehicle but still adding performance. 
Economy: Tune focusing on the over-all economy of the vehicle, throttle and fuel controlled for economy purposes. 

Shifting Preferences for Automatics:

Race: Firmest shift setting, Race will shift fast and very hard. Most likely chirping the tires. If you think Race might be too firm for your preference, it probably is. Choose Street. If you want the fastest firmest shift possible, choose Race.
Street: Will be decently firm, nice increase over stock. Street is the most popular setting for automatic transmissions. 
Chill: Will be slightly firmer than stock but not as aggressive as Street.
Stock: Nothing modified related to shifting firmness or torque reduction. 

Misc Settings:

Tire Size: We apply your tire size if you have changed it..
Axle Ratio: We set up the tune based on your axle ratio if you have changed to an aftermarket gear.
Traction Control: Can be disabled, but we do not suggest doing so with the tune on 2011+ Fords. WARNING: Disabling this in the tune will cause multiple lights to be displayed on the dash, the button will be non-functional. Our recommendation is to leave it factory and use the button to disable traction control.
Thermostat: If the thermostat isn't stock, list the degree rating of the new thermostat and the tune will be adjusted.
Long Tubes: If Yes is selected, all tunes will be adjusted for longtube headers. 
Speed Limiter: If Off is selected, Speed Limiter will be removed on all tunes 
Forced Induction: Supercharged tune required, tune will be adjusted for supercharger specified. 
Intake Manifold: Your tune can be adjusted for Ported Manifolds by datalogging after the initial tune is sent.
Aftermarket Cold Air Intake: All Tunes will be adjusted for the new airflow model of CAI. 
Aftermarket Cam: Specs and details of aftermarket cam for all tunes to be adjusted.
Aftermarket MAF: If MAF has changed from factory setting, enter brand, part number and size pipe. 


  • Octane: Gas vehicle tunes are heavily impacted by the octane of fuel being used. Running a higher octane allows us to advance the spark more which results in better performance. That being said, you should pick tunes for the octane you plan on running. If you always have and always will run 87-89 octane, then that is what you should choose. You can run a tune for 87 octane and fill the tank with 93, however you cannot run a tune for 93 octane and fill up with 87-89. Doing so will result in knock activity, a loss of power output and in rare cases, possible engine damage. Our recommendation for performance tunes is to run the highest octane available..


  • Speed Limiter: Speed limit can be set lower, higher or turned off on each tune. (Valet or teenager specific tunes.)
  • Aftermarket Cold Air Intake: If aftermarket, enter brand and model of the CAI.
  • Aftermarket Throttle Body: If the truck has an aftermarket throttle body, indicate the details on the form.
  • Aftermarket Intake Manifold: If the truck has an aftermarket intake manifold, indicate the details on the form.
  • Thermostat: If you have an aftermarket thermostat, enter it here and your fans will be updated.

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