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  1. Blank nGauge for HP Tuners

Blank nGauge for HP Tuners

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•LCD Tuner/Gauge with the most preloaded parameters!
• Gauge-Mounted Tuner
• Capable of storing your tunes and datalogs!
• Windows, Apple, Linux Compatible
Part Number: HPT-nGauge-10012

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If you are looking for tuning with the nGauge, MPT has you covered! Please use the links below to go to the nGauge - MPT Tune bundle for your vehicle.

Vehicles supported by MPT with the nGauge:
  • 2017-2020 Ford Raptor 3.5L Ecoboost V6:

  • 2017-2020 Ford F-150 3.5L Ecoboost V6:

  • 2017-2020 Ford F-150 2.7L Ecoboost V6:

  • 2015-2017 Ford Expedition 3.5L Ecoboost V6:

Performance at it's best, nGauge
Clean | Sleek | Tuner | Data Logger | Diagnostic Tool
  • • Maintains backup of factory programming
    MPT exclusive pre-set gauges ready to data log
    • Easy 3 touch logging system
    • Tap gauge screen, Tap Start Log, Tap to stop
    • Read Check Engine Codes

  • Ford Vehicles nGauge
    Tuner | Digital Gauges | Data Logger

  • What is an nGauge and why do I need one?

    In short, the nGauge is a highly advanced yet easy to use programmer and data logger that looks good on your dash.

    For more detail though, The nGauge Programmer/Gauge combo is an OBD2 electronic device that, when coupled with tuning, easily gains an increase in horse power, torque and fuel economy for your vehicle.

    The nGauge can swap between tunes in minutes and even return to stock making it 100% reversible.
How do I mount the nGauge in the vehicle?
Online/Printable How to Mount nGauge

The nGauge provides more than a few very unique features that make it a must have for your Ford:
  • Touch Screen Display - 2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD
  • Built in gauge functions allow the nGauge to display up to 6 parameters at once.
  • 6 Programmable LED's function with gauge parameters as warning and limit lights.
  • Multiple gauge layout options for viewing different parameters.
  • Hundreds of high-resolution parameters available to display.
  • Data logging will auto-save when you stop logging, or even if power is lost.
  • Recorded log files are saved to the MicroSD card to allow easy transfer and emailing.
  • Will hold dozens of tune files if you ever find the need for more than just a few.
  • First tune loads in just a few minutes. Subsequent tunes can be loaded in less than 1 minute.
  • Included Stylus allows easy use of the touch screen while installed in your vehicle.
  • Gauge form factor allows easy install and mounting options.
  • Fits gauge pods.
  • Single-T tab universal mount compatibility.
  • MicroSD card storage for safe and reliable tune transfers.
  • Built-in diagnostics for reading trouble codes from check engine lights.
  • No update software needed, works on mac and pc.
  • Tunes and Firmware Updates are loaded through USB, just drag-and-drop.
  • Auto-Dimming and Auto-Sleep Function works by detecting the vehicle's ignition turning on or off.
  • Up to 7 nGuages can be daisy-chained together, as well as support for Zeitronix Wideband, CAN and RS232 expansion Port.
  • External inputs can be connected through 0-5v analog in/out put.
Convenient, Useful Design.

Using a thin and compact design, the gauge form-factor of this programmer allows it to be installed on any universal Single T mount, and conveniently fits in many of Ford's circular-shaped air vents. The Brushed Metallic face with Chrome bezel and 6 programmable LED's on the face of the device make for a clean install whether you decide to place it on your dash, window, or in a vent. The included stylus on the resistive LCD touch screen is easy to use for loading tunes, setting up gauges, or recording data logs. The stylus serves a dual purpose, as the back end of it is the perfect size to use for ejecting the microSD card from its slot in the bottom of the nGauge.

Gauges, Data, and Logging at it's Finest.

No need to lug around a laptop for accurate data logging results, the nGauge is capable of high-resolution data logging on-device. Hundreds of parameters are available for each vehicle, as well as plenty of generic OBDII parameters that can be accessed for use with many different makes and models. The data conveniently records directly to the included microSD card automatically, when you stop the data log. Even if power is unexpectedly shut off, the nGauge will automatically save the current data log recording and you can access it at your PC, Mac, or Linux computer just by plugging the nGauge in through USB or loading the microSD card into a card reader, then transferring the file. This is a simple click, drag, then drop operation. No additional software to install, no drivers to deal with, no headaches.

Up to 6 individual parameters can be display on-screen at once, with the option to set up a few different layouts with different parameters saved and ready to record as soon as you set them up. Upon initial logging setup, the nGauge will detect the vehicle, save all available parameters specific to that vehicle, and when you decide which ones to view, it will save your gauge setup for when you return to it in the future. A set of 6 programmable LED's on the face of the nGauge serve as warning lights for any of the parameters you choose.

Important License and Use Information you need to know.

The nGauge uses a license system and becomes locked to the vehicle that is tuned. This locking is based on VIN and Strategy.