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JLT Brake Cooling Kit for 2015-2016 Ford Mustang

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Keep your Brake Rotors cool with JLT's Brake Cooling Kit!
Part Number: JLTBCK-FM15

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JLT Brake Cooling Kit for 2015-2016 Ford Mustang

Available in Black Anodized (JLTBCK-FM15-B)

This break cooling kit from JLT was designed and put to use on their company 2013 Mustang GT over the course of the 2012 season with several trips to Virginia International Raceway with zero braking issues.

It comes with newly designed Grille Bezels and other parts, making the kit specific to Mustangs 2015 and newer. This cooling kit is designed to bring cool air directly to your brakes. Anyone who has done any serious racing or even heavy on-road braking can tell you just how important it is your brake rotors are kept cool. This kit takes the air from your Mustang's grille area and delivers it directly to the center of your brake rotor for even cooling. Unlike the GT500, the 2015 and up Mustangs do not have provisions in the bumper for an add on brake cooling kit. Because of this, JLT stepped up and constructed a Grille Bezel that can be substituted for the fog lights perfectly. The bezel snaps into the fog light opening and attaches to the included duct work to the JLT backing plate. This kit comes with custom aluminum backing plates, 2.5" brake cooling hose, pair of Grille Bezels, and all clamps and hardware required for a proper installation.

Grille Bezels are available in your choice of Clear Anodized (silver) or Black Anodized finish.