How to Mount the nGauge
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How to Mount the nGauge in your F150 Dash Vent

  • Step 1 – With the door open, pull outward on the hole in the side panel of the dashboard. When the tabs have popped out, rotate the panel out of the rubber door seal and pull it away.

  • Step 2 – Move your hand into the open side of the dashboard, and locate the tabs holding the vent cover in place. Lightly pull outward on the vents as you push these tabs in. Once you have two tabs pressed in, pulling firmly on the vent should allow it to be removed.

  • Step 3 – With the vent-pod removed, block off the air vent with an old t-shirt or a rag (avoid putting anything dirty in the air vent). Disassemble the vent-pod assembly and place two pieces of velcro at the top and bottom of the inner-ring of the vent pod (the part with the honeycomb shape in the back). You will also place two pieces of velcro on the nGauge's gauge cup, make sure they both line up directionally where you will want the nGauge mounted.

  • Step 4 – Next, get the OBDII wire rolled up as shown. The OBDII cable will slide right through and underneath the dash, where you can plug it directly into the OBDII port. We wrapped the wiring around the air hose that exits through the vent in the first panel we removed. This gives the wire a place to stay that will minimize rattling and keep the cord snug in its place.

  • Step 5 – In the last step, we placed the wire around the air hose in the dash. From that, we will need enough slack on the end of the cable that plugs into the ngauge to allow everything to fit well, and still be removable. My method for routing the cable was to push it through the opening in the dash vent and the air tube, then pull it through a honeycomb-shaped slot at the top left of the air-vent pod. Behind the air vent pod, you will need about 6"-8" of slack, and on the other end sticking out of the vent you will need another 6"-8" of slack. Next you will push the air-vent pod back into it's place. Make sure it is lined up correctly, then have the wire lined up where it comes from the slit between the vent and the dash, under the air-vent-pod, then up and through the upper-left side's honeycomb slot. With everything in place and pushed in, the end of the wire should be dangling about 6"-8".

  • Step 6 – Plug the cable into the nGauge, then bend the wire tightly towards the opposite side of the nGauge so that you can snap the gauge cup into place. Once the gauge cup is on, the wire will fit best by wrapping it from the side it exits the gauge cup, up around the top of the gauge cup, then back and through the honeycomb hole in the air vent pod. With the velcro in place, line up your nGauge so it is vertically straight, then push it in place. The velcro should hold it as long as you applied the velcro in a secure manner.

  • Step 7 – The nGauge should be fitting nice and clean, and now you can place the dash's side panel back in place. Simply replace it in the reverse of when you took it out. Enjoy your nGauge mounted in the dash, out of the way.

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