How to Save Stock Using nGauge
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How to Save Your Stock File Using nGauge

Text instructions available below the video.
You can also download the PDF by clicking here.

    Prior to Step 1- ensure your nGauge tuner has the microSD inserted, and that the OBDII cable is plugged in to the OBDII port of the vehicle.

  • Step 1 – With nGauge plugged into the vehicle and powered on at the main menu, select “Tuning” from the main menu.

  • Step 2 – Scroll down the Tuning menu using the down arrow until you get to the bottom, select “Read Vehicle”.

  • Step 3 – You will be prompted to select the brand, fuel type, year and model of your vehicle.
    ***Raptor and F-150's w/ high output engine must select PCM+TCM option***

  • Step 4 – When prompted to Turn Key On, make sure to turn the key on without turning on ignition.

  • Step 5 – Once the nGauge begins saving stock, DO NOT unplug the nGauge or turn the key off.

  • Step 6 – When the vehicle’s stock file has been saved, the nGauge will say “Vehicle Calibration Saved” and list the name of the stock file and its file location on the tuner.

  • Step 7a – Unplug the nGauge and bring it to your PC, then plug it into the PC using a Mini-USB cable. When the nGauge powers on, select “Diagnostics” from the main menu, then select “USB SD”.

    Step 7b – If you prefer to eject the MicroSD card and use a card reader to transfer files, use the wide-end of the included stylus to eject the microSD card, then plug it into your card reader.

  • Step 8 – Once the USB (or MicroSD card) is plugged into the PC USB port, your computer will prompt you to “Open folder to view files.” Select that option.

  • Step 9 – You will be prompted to select how to open this, select “Open folder to view files.”

  • Step 10 – A file window will open up, this will display the contents of the nGauge. Select “stock files” to open and view the stock files you have saved.

  • Step 11 – Locate your vehicle’s stock file, indicated by the number at the end of the file name.

  • Step 12 – Once you locate the stock file from your vehicle, use your email to attach the file and send it to [email protected] – You can also save this file anywhere to your PC for your future use.

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