HPT Tuners nGauge Replacement OBD cable
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OBD Cable for HP Tuners nGauge

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Replacement OBD Cable for HP Tuners nGauge
Part Number: ngauge-obd-cable

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nGauge OBD Cable Replacement

Does this sound like a problem you are having?
  • "I lost the OBD cable for my nGauge."
  • "My nGauge's OBD cable is broken."
  • "My nGauge won't turn on when plugged into the truck."
  • "No power to the nGauge when plugged into the OBD port."
  • "nGauge keeps losing power when plugged into my truck."

Sounds like you may need a new nGauge OBD cable. No problem! You can purchase a new replacement cable for your nGauge right here!