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2011+ Ford F150 5.0 Datalogging Instructions: 3rd Gear WOT Pull

Please read through these instructions at least once before beginning your log.

These instructions will walk you through datalogging to record a 3rd gear WOT pull.

You have two options for setting up the datalog. First option is to use our datalog config for your vehicle (if available). Second option is to manually select each parameter in your favorites and on the gauge screens. If the first option doesn't work, or isn't available, try the second option.

First, use the instructions at this link to set up your datalog config:
How to Load Datalog Config for nGauge

Next, make sure the vehicle is warm and up to operating temperature. After this is confirmed, you will connect the nGauge to the vehicle's OBD2 port.

On your nGauge, select "Datalogging".
and select "Connect".
If you didn't use our datalog config, select the config named "FORD_GAS_2008_UP".
The nGauge will scan for parameters and to check auto-power compatability. When it's done, Tap the Check Mark
The gauge screen will display. If you used our datalog config for your vehicle, you can skip past the list of parameters below to select.
To manually select pids, tap the gauge screen, then tap "Signal." We need to select what to display on each gauge and set favorites in the Signal menu to the parameters listed below. You only select the items listed below. These are not listed in order, and in some vehicles the title may vary. You can set any of them to either be a "Favorite", or an on-screen gauge item. That is your preference, both will be recorded in the datalog.

Very important: Select each item on the list by tapping each individual gauge, then Signal. Each item has a star in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Tapping the star adds the item to your "Favorites". Every Favorite you choose by tapping the star will be recorded in the datalog. In addition to "Favorites", the parameters shown in on-screen gauges will be recorded. The on-screen gauges work the same way as "Favorites". If you are unable to locate a certain parameter, it may be named differently, or just hasn't been added. If this happens, even if you just aren't sure, contact us. Make sure your list matches this list. Any differences contact us first. You may need a firmware update, or the nGauge may need updates made to it's logging parameters.

  • Accel Pedal Position Sensor #1 Volts | APP1 (v)

  • Ambient Air Temperature | AAT (f)
  • Engine Coolant Temp | ECT (f)
  • Intake Air Temp | IAT (f)
  • Intake Air Temp 2 | IAT2 (f) [for supercharged applications only]

  • FUEL
  • Commanded Equivalence Ratio | EQ_RAT
  • Fuel Trim Bank 1 - Long Term | LTFT1
  • Fuel Trim Bank 1 - Short Term | STFT1
  • Fuel Trim Bank 2 - Short Term | STFT2
  • Lambda 1 (Bank 1, Sensor 1) | LAMBDA1
  • Lambda 2 (Bank 2, Sensor 1) | LAMBDA2

  • MAF
  • Mass Air Flow | MAF (lb/min)
  • Mass Air Flow Frequency | MAF_HZ (Hz)

  • Absolute Load As A Fraction | AIR_LOAD(ratio)
  • Engine RPM | RPM(rpm)
  • Torque source | TQ_CNTL(PID)
  • Vehicle Speed | SPEED (mph)

  • Knock Control Spark Retard | KNOCKR (Deg)
  • Spark Advance Total | SPARK (BTDC)

  • Electronic Throttle Control Actual | ETC_ACT (Deg)

  • Gear Commanded | Gear CMD
  • Torque Converter Slip Desired | SLIP_DES_SCP (RPM)
  • TC Speed Ratio | TC_SPEED_RATIO

  • Actual Exhaust B Camshaft Position Bank 1 | VCTACT1_EXH (Deg)
  • Actual Intake Camshaft Position Bank 1 | AICPB1 (Deg)

For Types of logs to record

  • If you are in discussion with one of our calibrators and were told to record a specific log, make sure you capture it in the log.
  • If you have something you want changed or reviewed and we have asked you to capture it in a log. Do exactly that. Make sure it is recorded and include in the email the time stamp on the log that it occurred.
  • For a 3rd gear pull: Find a safe area and manually lock the trans in 3rd gear. Start the pull at around 2000 RPM and push the accelerator pedal completely to the floor holding to redline (6000 RPM)
  • For a Quarter Mile pull: Start from a stop and go full wot, replicating the drag strip quarter mile run.
  • If you were instructed to do a Neutral Step Test, this is the procedure:
    If possible, make sure the car is up to operating temperature first. With the key on, but not started start the log. Then once you see the log is recording data, start the vehicle. Let it idle for 2 minutes. Next is the step test. In park/neutral rev and hold each of these rpm points. Hold the rpm points for 10 seconds each keeping your foot as steady as possible. 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000. When done released the gas pedal and come back to idle. Let it idle again for 1 minute. Then stop the log, save and label accordingly.
Help us help you by avoiding the most common mistakes that cause delays in log reviews.
  1. Confirm the log is recording, you will see a red square in the center of the screen and the name of the datalog.
  2. As mentioned above, record the item you were instructed to record or is being discussed for review. A log of a wide open throttle pull when asking about a down-shift is going to cause a delay and a new log will need to be recorded.
  3. Logs are saved in the format of .csv, if the file you are sending doesn't end in .csv it's not the correct format.
General start, stop and saving instructions

To start recording. Tap the gauge screen, then select "Record Log" and complete one of the above logs.

After this, let off the gas quickly, and safely pull over to stop the data log. Just tap the RED square to stop the log.

The datalog is automatically saved and numbered, ie: log001.csv, log002.csv, log003.csv, etc...

Connect the nGauge to your computer using either the USB metod, or the SD card. On it, under the folder named "logs", you'll find your datalog saved. Transfer it to your computer by dragging it to the folder you want it saved to.

Save that log as "YourName_TuneName_VersionNumber". Email that log over for my review. We'll keep saving them like this as we go. For example, if we are working on your 93 Performance Race tune and we are on version 3, your log name should be "YourName_93PR_V3".

IMPORTANT: During the log keep an eye on coolant temp. Anything above 220 and abort the log, let it cool and try again later.

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