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Nitrous Express Maximizer 5 Progressive Controller 16008

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• Progressive based on multiple inputs
• Safety thresholds based on AFR, bottle pressure, and solenoid output.
• Designed specifically for use with Nitrous Express kits.
Part Number: NEX16008
UPC: 653374973953
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Nitrous Express Maximizer 5 Progressive Controller

Maximizer 5 - NX Part # 16008

The Maximizer 5 features several safety features that assist you in pushing your tune-up further, while protecting your engine from damage.

The Maximizer 5 progressive nitrous controller can operate up to four separate stages of nitrous. These are based on either time, RPM, MPH, throttle percentage or boost pressure. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is naturally aspirated or forced induction, gasoline or diesel, the Maximizer 5 is the number one choice.

Safety Features

The Max 5 monitors throttle percentage, engine rpms, nitrous PSI, boost or pan vacuum along with 3 other user defined sensors to make sure that your engine is in the proper state to accept nitrous. If the Max 5 detects any condition that is outside the safe range, the Max 5 will shut down or pull back nitrous flow to protect your engine from damage.

Display and Programming options

The Max 5 is generally setup and tuned via an easy to use windows-based laptop program. An optional 4 inch touch screen display (Sold Separately) can be connected to view and adjust common tuning parameters on the fly, eliminating the need for a laptop.

Data Logging

The Max 5 automatically data logs all inputs (including 3 user defined inputs), so you can review important data for several previous runs. The Max 5 also comes with enough internal memory to store over 100 quarter mile runs before you need to save them to a laptop.

Hardware Features

The Max 5 includes internal drivers for stage one and stage two, which handle 70 amps each or 140 amps in single stage mode. Stages 3 and 4 require external drivers (Sold Separately).

Progression Options

The Max 5 has multiple progression options to handle an array of racing types. These progression options are described below:

  • Time based progression:
    This option is a popular selection for drag racing applications, in which you always start from a dead stop. This option is very simple to fine tune, so that you leave soft enough to eliminate wheel spin, and increases power while you go down track, as the controller smoothly adds more nitrous as traction increases.

  • RPM based progression:
    This option works great for vehicles that have enough traction to handle full nitrous power at the top of first gear. This mode allows you to add a little nitrous in the lower engine RPMs and ramp into full nitrous as the engine rpm increases. This is a great option for vehicles with a tight torque converter. Since nitrous flow is limited to a small amount at low RPMS, you can safely activate the nitrous at lower RPMs which will help to pull the car out of the hole.

  • MPH (Miles Per Hour) progression:
    This option is great for racers who sometimes begin racing from a dead stop and other times begin racing from a rolling start. The nitrous controller will automatically limit nitrous to a smaller boost at low speeds where traction is limited while providing a larger boost at higher speeds where traction is more plentiful. Bracket racers can use this feature to set a MPH nitrous cutoff for the ultimate in consistent ETs.

  • Throttle percentage progression:
    This option allows you to “pedal” the car in the event of wheel spin. Nitrous flow smoothly increases and decreases as you “work” the throttle, allowing you to regain traction and continue racing. This is very beneficial to road race and drifting vehicles. The throttle percentage feature is also beneficial for street cars because it allows you to introduce a small amount of nitrous at mid throttle while smoothly transitioning to full nitrous power as you press the throttle to the floor. The feeling is like driving a car with twice the cubic inches.

  • Boost based progression:
    This is a useful option for turbocharged diesels and gasoline applications. Boost progression allows nitrous to come on strong to eliminate that dreaded turbo lag, then ramps out the nitrous smoothly to let the mighty turbo do its thing. The end result is monster power with zero lag, even with a HUGE turbo. On diesel applications it will not allow full nitrous delivery until the engine starts to build adequate boost, preventing a nitrous engine stall.

  • EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) progression:
    Injecting nitrous into a diesel application lowers EGTs. This is a useful option for diesel applications that don’t want to use nitrous all the time but still want the EGT lowering properties that nitrous provides. EGT based progression allows you to create a safety ramp which will only add nitrous if EGTs rise to unsafe limits. Compatible with all EGT modules that have a 0 to 5 volt output signal.

AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) compensation and protection

The Maximizer 5 monitors the engines Air Fuel Ratio (from aftermarket wide band O2 module), and automatically adjusts the fuel and nitrous solenoid output to achieve the desired Air Fuel Ratio (target AFR is user adjustable). As bottle pressure drops toward the end of a run, the Maximizer 5 will automatically adjust the solenoid output so you maintain a consistent and safe AFR. Air Fuel Ratio safety cut off limit (too rich and too lean) are user adjustable so the controller will completely shut off nitrous flow if the Air Fuel Ratio goes outside the user defined limits.

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