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Remote FDRS PCM Programming
Remote FDRS PCM Programming
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Remote FDRS PCM Programming

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Are you looking to program a 21/22 PCM swap in order to get past the locked PCMs of the 23 F150/Raptor, Bronco 2.7, Bronco Raptor 3.0, Ranger Raptor 3.0, or other vehicles, but don't have access to Ford Diagnostic and Repair System (FDRS)?

MPT Performance is here to help!

(PCM not included)
Part Number: MPT-Remote-FDRS

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Questions? Call an MPT Expert at 1-407-636-7077

Remote FDRS PCM Programming

This is a remote service to re-program the 21-22 PCM that has been installed in a supported 23+ vehicle.

***Tuning from MPT Performance is not included in this purchase.***

Steps to follow:
  1. Complete your purchase.
  2. MPT will send you a secure case with a computer, mongoose cable, and a prepaid return label.
  3. You'll coordinate with MPT to setup a remote connection (during business hours).
  4. You will remove the existing PCM and install the replacement PCM. (PCM Not Included).
  5. During the scheduled time, MPT will remotely connect to the supplied computer and complete the PCM programming using FRDS.
  6. Additional procedures required by Ford will be performed with you at the control of the vehicle and MPT at the control of the computer.
  7. After the programming process is complete, you just have to send back the computer, mongoose cable, and all accessories using the prepaid return label.

Please note: You will be required to supply a picture of your driver's license and a copy of your insurance for the FDRS programming.

The $1000 deposit will be refunded once MPT has received the computer and accessories, and confirm the items are in the same condition they were shipped in. Any missing items or damage will be deducted from deposit.

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