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2011-2014 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6 - 3.5" Aluminum Drive Shaft

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The Driveshaft Shop 3.5" Aluminum 1 Piece CV Shaft Manual & Automatic
Part Number: DSSFDSH19-A
Questions? Call an MPT Expert at 1-407-636-7077
Ford 2011 - 2014 Mustang 3.7 V6L Cyclone Drive Shaft - 3.5" 1-Piece with CV Aluminum Driveshaft by The DriveShaft Shop
These are built to order and will require assembly time before shipping. Lead time can be up to 6 weeks. Any questions on this give us a call.

What is an Aftermarket Drive Shaft and why do I need one?
The stock driveshaft is heavy and weak at speeds higher than the stock speed limiter. This means if you plan on increasing your speed limiter or removing it you should get an upgraded drive shaft. If you plan on increasing the horsepower and torque you should plan on getting an upgraded drive shaft. The Drive Shaft Shop has been doing this for over 30 years and continually adapts with new technology to make their products better.


What the DriveShaftShop can do for your Ford:

1.1350 front u-joint with flange to mount up to the transmission
2. Heavy Duty 3.5in Aluminum (no clearance issue).
3. New version 300M Spline for the CV mount that is stronger than the rest of the shaft
4. Custom modified High Speed 108mm CV with special boot and grease.
5. Custom conversion plate (corrosion plated) to change from the stock Ford CV to our 108mm version
6. All Hardware included
7. 1 Year Warranty
8. Balanced on one of the most sophisticated balancing machines in the industry.
9. with the CV in the rear there is no need to change pinion angle on lowered cars.
10. Shafts are made to order and take about 7-14 days to ship

DRIVESHAFT VIBRATION: 101 (not for CV axles)

Most people have trouble determining if the vibration in their vehicle is coming from the DRIVESHAFT or not. There are typically two types of vibration most vehicles would have. A fast cycle vibration or a slow cycle vibration, to help understand this lets say we put a bucket of water on the passenger’s floor. If the vibration in the vehicle produces small ripples on the top of the water this would be considered a fast cycle vibration. This type of vibration is usually a drive train vibration, things like the driveshaft, motor or torque converter. If the vibration puts waves on the top of the water or splashes, this type of vibration is a slow cycle vibration and usually is an axle or tire vibration.

NOTE: There is a 6 week lead time on all parts for the DriveShaft Shop.

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