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Wagner Tuning MFD28 Ford Bronco Display - WT 37052
Wagner Tuning MFD28 Ford Bronco Display - WT 37052
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Wagner Tuning MFD28 Ford Bronco Display

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Wagner Tuning introduces a cutting-edge display for Ford Bronco models, offering comprehensive vehicle data via Can-Bus on their reliable MFD28 screen. It seamlessly integrates with the vehicle's design and includes a custom-made bezel to match the aesthetics perfectly.
Part Number: WGTWT37052
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Wagner Tuning MFD28 Ford Bronco Display

Your Ford Bronco Display - Your Information Center

Wagner Tuning Part #:
  • WT37052

Wagner Tuning is excited to introduce their state-of-the-art display for Ford Bronco models. This groundbreaking display provides you with comprehensive access to all crucial vehicle data. And Wagner means all relevant information, truly. Wagner's display reads these data directly through the Can-Bus protocol and presents them on their reliable MFD28 display. The Ford Bronco Display seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's design and comes with a custom-made bezel that perfectly complements the aesthetics.

The specially adapted Can-Bus protocol has been developed with the utmost precision to ensure the fastest query speed possible.

The Highlights:
  • Seamless integration into the vehicle design
  • Reading data from up to 128 sensors
  • 10 individually customizable display modes thanks to Wagner's DSS - Display Setup Software
  • Pre-installed display modes for a quick start
  • Easy plug-and-play installation with Wagner's cable kit - simply connect and go
  • 4 additional analog inputs for monitoring exhaust temperature, oil pressure, and more
  • Integrated option for connecting an ethanol sensor
  • Optimal readability with optional glare protection
  • Diagnostics-friendly sensor querying at eye level
  • Data logging - continuous or on demand
Additional Features:
  • Performance Tracker: Measure your acceleration times with Wagner's performance widget - 0-100, 100-200, 0-200.
  • Data Logging: Log all data on the internal SD card - whether on request (start with a fingertip) or continuously. All data from your last drive is stored.
  • Customizable Alerts: Activate and customize pre-installed alerts, such as exceeding an exhaust temperature of 900 degrees.
  • 4 additional analog inputs: Connect additional sensors, such as temperature or pressure sensors, to utilize advanced monitoring functions, including exhaust temperature or exhaust back pressure. An ethanol sensor can be connected to one of the digital inputs.
  • Error Reading/Deletion: Read and clear error messages from the engine control unit clearly and promptly.
  • Personalization: Customize the startup screen or choose from various widgets to tailor the display to your preferences.
  • Seamless Vehicle Integration: Wagner's display is compatible with all left-hand drive and right hand drive models

Access to All Vehicle Data: Wagner provides a pre-configured TRI file for your display by default. Here are all the queryable sensors listed, including:

Temperatures: Engine coolant temperature, intake air temperature, exhaust temperature, transmission temperature, rear differential temperature, 4x tire temperature.

Pressures: Boost pressure, ambient pressure, oil pressure, 4x tire pressure.

Lambda/Fuel Mixture: Lambda target/actual value, short-term lambda adaptation, long-term lambda adaptation, MAF (mass air flow meter), engine load, torque.

Driver Dynamics: Brake pressure, vehicle speed, throttle angle/pedal position.

Others: RPM, total ignition timing, gear, battery voltage.

Analog Inputs: You can add additional sensors such as oil temperature, fuel pressure, oil pressure, exhaust temperature, and more, as well as an ethanol sensor for flex-fuel applications.

Please note: that not every engine provides all of this data.


The display frame fits all Ford Bronco models up from 2021.

Package Contents:

Each delivery includes:

  • Integrated MFD28 Gen2 data display in the ventilation grille
  • Vehicle-specific connection cable
  • Quickstart guide
  • USB data cable
  • SD card (pre-installed in the display)
  • SD card adapter
  • Display screen protector (to prevent reflections)

Connection and Expansion:

You can connect various sensors via the four analog inputs - both linear 0-5V and NTC sensors are supported.

The in-house Wagner Tuning Display sensors are already integrated into the TRI/TRX files and only need to be connected:

  • AIN1: Temperature sensor
  • AIN2: Exhaust temperature probe Type K
  • AIN3: Pressure sensor 0-10 bar
  • AIN4: Boost pressure sensor 0-5.5 bar absolute

In addition to the analog sensors, you can also directly connect Wagner's external flash module with 8 LEDs. It can flash in different colors to indicate rpm limits, and the colors can be conveniently configured through the display.

The ethanol sensor can be connected directly to the display. A pull-up resistor (10K) between 5V and signal is required. Afterwards, you can read and log ethanol content directly on the display.

Advanced Features:

With Math Channels, you can link sensor data together. User Tables allow you to create additional sensors with 2D or 3D maps.

Optional Accessories:
  • WT24000 SLM08 - External flash module
  • WT22100 CBD08 - Eight-channel CAN distributor
  • WT22902 NTC01 - Temperature sensor for liquids 1/8" NPT
  • WT22903 TCC01 - Type K converter 0-1250°C
  • WT22901 FLP01 - Pressure sensor 0-10 bar (145psi) M10x1
  • WT22900 BST01 - Pressure sensor 0-5.5 bar absolute (80psi)

Installation Guide:

Wagner will provide an illustrated installation guide to facilitate a seamless installation.

Unlock the full potential of your Ford Bronco with Wagner's advanced display. If you have any questions or need further information, Wagner is there to assist you.

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