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XDI-EVO Xtreme-DI Upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump

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The time has come to take your Ecoboost to a new level with Xtreme-DI's High Pressure Fuel pump. The XDI-EVO is precisely what you need if you are looking to run larger aftermarket turbos or make use of the performance enhancing enthanol blends like E85.
Part Number: XDI-EVO

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Xtreme-DI High Pressure Fuel Pump - XDI-EVO

Maintaining fuel pressure is the difference between blowing a motor and not. When fuel pressure drops, air fuel ratio goes lean.

XDI gives us the difference we have been searching for.

E85, aftermarket turbos, built motors, high horsepower...

If you any of these are on your mind, then you need an upgraded high pressure fuel pump.

XDI-EVO provides a 35% increase

over the factory high pressure fuel pump. But actual flow stays up all the way to 240bar. Pump internals have been further developed to improve maximum pressure capability and pump-VE. The 35-pump flows up to 180bar and then, starts nosing over. It does 200+bar, but loses quite a bit of flow capacity at those pressures. At 200bar, the EVO-pump flows 12% more than the XDI-HPFP-35 pump, 41% more at 240bar. If you are looking for for more than 2600psi for your vehicle, like the second generation 3.5L Ecoboost engine works with, this is the fuel pump for you.

The XDI-EVO shines as soon as you run 180bar/2600psi or more. e.g. to get more flow out of given injectors or for better Ethanol vaporization.

Injection Pressure Comparison for Ford F150 3.5L Ecoboost V6:
  • OEM: 150bar / 2150psi
  • XDI-HPFP-35: 200bar / 2900psi

  • XDI HPFP Cranking

  • Stock HPFP Slacking

NOTE: Tuning is recommended with this upgraded high pressure fuel pump. XDI HPFP's are custom built and can take 6-8 weeks to ship.