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XDI DI Fuel Injectors for 2011-2016 Gen 1 Ecoboost F-150 3.5L

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Retail Price:$2,550.00
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• E85 Compatible
• 2000cc, 50% greaterflow over stock
• OEM Spray Pattern
• OEM Idle Characteristics
Part Number: XDI-i001-50
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XDI DI Fuel Injectors for 2011-2017 Gen 1 Ecoboost F-150/Raptor 3.5L

XDI Part #:XDI-i012-50

  • 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Gen 1 Ford F150/Raptor 3.5L Ecoboost

Our 100% XDI manufactured and tested DI-Injectors are designed for the 2011-2016 Gen 1 3.5L Ecoboost series engines. These injectors supply the required fuel flow for high horsepower applications without the need for auxiliary fuel systems. These injectors are based on the original Bosch injector, which makes them a perfect drop in solution. Most of the ECU Injector characteristics stay the same. Every Injector gets tested at 100bar and 200bar on OEM testing equipment at XDI. Every set gets flow matched to within ±1% at 100bar and 200bar fuel pressure !!! Testing on several fully instrumented engines has shown unequaled results in terms of cylinder distribution, repeatability, and stability at pressures up to 3200psi. Tuning changes required are minimal, offsets and current driver parameters stay the same. The injectors are E85 compatible.

  • 100% true fitment, no adapters needed like on the DW
  • 100% compatible with ECU driver, because they are based on the OEM Bosch Core.(the DW is based on F150 Denso core)
  • OEM spray pattern, perfect idle, cold start and drivability
  • They get tested and flow matched at three different points (08ms-20bar / 10ms-100bar / 6ms-200bar
  • They run stable at up to 220bar, linear and no misfire
  • Just one label in ECU needs to be changed (injector slope over rail pressure)
  • They flow 2000cc/min at 100bar, the DW just flow 1700cc
  • They flow 2900cc/min at 200bar, the DW don’t run at all at 200bar

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