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How to Connect AEM UEGO Wideband 30-4100 to SCT Tuner using SCT Analog Cable 9608.

Printable version: How to Connect AEM Wideband to SCT Tuner.pdf
  What's Required
AEM UEGO Wideband SCT 9608 Analog    
Here is a link to the AEM Instruction Manual.

Diagram from AEM
RED (Power) - Connect to a switched 10-18 volt power source utilizing a 10A fuse.

BLACK (Ground) - Connect to a clean power ground.

WHITE (Analog Output) - Connects to any Stand Alone ECU unit that accepts a 0-5 volt input.

BLUE (Serial Output)(optional hookup) - Connects to a RS-232 com port for hyper-terminal data logging.

Diagram from SCT
Black - General Ground

Orange - Analog Input #1

Blue - Analog Input Ground #1

Red - Analog Input #2

Green - Analog Input Ground #2

Connect AEM White to SCT Orange | Connect AEM Black to Vehicle Ground and SCT BLUE

AEM Wideband Formula in Air Fuel Ratio = (v*2)+10

AEM Wideband Formula in Lambda = (v*0.078557)+0.751

If you have any ground offsets, add or subtract them from the voltage (v). For example, for a .125 voltage offset, ((v-.125)*2)+10. Your gauge should match the reading on the tuner/livelink exactly.