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Circle D Ford 6R80 Pro Series Stage III Torque Converter for Ford Vehicles

Circle D Ford 6R80 Pro Series Stage III Torque Converter for Ford Vehicles

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Circle D Ford Pro Series Stage III Torque Converter for Ford Vehicles

Want to get your vehicle off the line at the correct stall speed? Get yourself a Circle D Pro Series Torque Converter! This heavy duty torque converter is build to be stronger and more durable than stock, so it can handle massive horsepower vehicles that are either naturally aspirated or with forced induction applications. Take your pick between 245mm, 258mm, or 265mm to fit just what your vehicle needs.

Different Converter Sizes

  • 245mm – This size is good for naturally aspirated Mustang GT's with the 5.0L V8 engine and Mustangs with the V6 3.7L. Also, most forced induction Mustang 3.7L V6’s can use the 245mm. In addition, this converter is good for Nitrous cars, up to 150 HP. Recommended max WHP for best performance is around 500 WHP.
  • 258mm – This size is good for all naturally aspirated Ford F-150’s and Mustang GT’s with forced induction. Mustangs making over 600 WHP should use this converter. Also, this is a good converter for Ford Ecoboost F150's. Mustang GT’s running more than 150 shot of nitrous should use this converter.
  • 265mm – This size is good for all Ford F150’s with forced induction, especially those making over 500 WHP. Additionally, this is a good converter for Mustang GT's that are making 800+WHP.


  • 100 Square inches of Clutch Lining for WOT Lock-Up
  • Furnace Brazed
  • Hand TIG Welded
  • Torrington Bearings
  • Billet Front and Billet Piston
  • Flanged Impeller Hub for Anti-Flex Durability
  • Hand Assembled to Exacting Tolerances

Not sure what stall speed you need? Just give us a call or select "Not Sure" and we will contact you to discuss which is best for your vehicle's unique setup!

Note: $50 flat fee for heavy weight applies to this item. This item is built to order and may take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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