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Stage 3 XDI-B007-27 Xtreme-DI Upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump

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The time has come to take your Ecoboost to a new level with Xtreme-DI's High Pressure Fuel pump. The XDI-B007-27 is precisely what you need if you are looking to run larger aftermarket turbos or make use of the performance enhancing enthanol blends like E85.
Part Number: XDI-B007-27

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Xtreme-DI High Pressure Fuel Pump - XDI-B007-27

Maintaining fuel pressure is the difference between blowing a motor and not. When fuel pressure drops, air fuel ratio goes lean.

XDI gives us the difference we have been searching for.

E85, aftermarket turbos, built motors, high horsepower...

If you any of these are on your mind, then you need an upgraded high pressure fuel pump.

This GDI high pressure pump was developed to replace the Denso OEM high pressure pump. It delivers up to 45% more fuel flow when mounted on the same CAM-Lobe. Maximum Fuel Pressure is 200bar / 2900psi with the XDI-A007-27, while 250bar / 3625psi with the XDI-B007-27. The kit comes with everything you need: the HPFP, base plate, hardware and an electric pigtail. It is a true bolt on solution, factory inlet and High Pressure line fit. The swap can be done in your garage without any special tools.

XDI-B007-27 provides a 60% increase

over the factory high pressure fuel pump. If that is more than what you need, they offer the XDI-A007-27 as well. That pump is found here: LINK TO XDI-A007-27

  • Application Maximum Rail Pressure: 250bar / 3625psi (25% over OEM)
  • Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends
  • Electric Connector: Bosch Compact 2-pin
  • Driver Profile: OEM
  • Mechanical Data Geometric Volume: 1.51cc / rev (depending on cam lobe)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: TBC
  • Housing material: stainless steel hard coated aluminum
  • Aluminum O-Ring material: Viton
NOTE: Tuning is recommended with this upgraded high pressure fuel pump. XDI HPFP's are custom built and can take 6-8 weeks to ship.